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Disrupt or be disrupted

We come from being small business owners, we hustle, we wear many hats, we get it, and having tried out all the possible options to create a website, we just seem to end up in the same place, disrupted and dissatisfied …

In our first start up we hired a digital agency, not so bad, but took forever and was very expensive to get the website developed, then we moved to these very famous DYI website builders, very complete indeed, but many features, options, choices, attributes, and at the end the website didn’t even look like the template we picked, ok so then we moved into the very famous CMS, and oh wow, complexity & frustration is the word, would not even want to go deeper than that, then at the end we tried this AI (Artificial Intelligence) website builders, while they sound nice, they can not read your mind, so we were heavily disappointed with dozens of iterations, plus websites looked very basic

So, my husband and I, decided to learn software programming, he loves technology, and after several coffees, days, weeks, months, we put together a complete SaaS technology semi-automated website builder, that works like a hybrid of what is out there, not so complicated and not so silly like AI, so here we are, helping small business own and create their business website in a simple, elegant way that they can be proud of theirselves without spending tons of time, so enjoy yourself, our technology is here to make your life easier.

With love,

Sal & Chris

Our Responsibility

We care deeply about small biz owners, and our responsibility is to develop tools that are powerful to their business, while being easy to use, we want everyone to have access to develop their own website without the fuzz

Our Approach

We focus on what truly matters, we focus on quality not quantity, and leveraging technology we are able to help small business owners like you, with tools that are easy to use and that provide results

Our Goals

To help you create a website for your small business in a simple way, that provides a really nice end result that your customers will love
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